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Small 4mm glass nailheads, $6.00 per hank. Blue iris color over Jet glass, faceted top and flat underside.

4mm Blue Iris Glass Nailheads

4mm Blue Iris Glass Nailheads #8080

Glass nailheads, beautiful faceted flatback stones with hole thru center to apply to clothing or beaded lamps. Originally used to sew on victorian clothing and beading lace trims on garmets. 4mm faceted with a beautiful Blue Iris color. $6.00 per hank

Price: $6.00
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  1 1/2" Faceted Jet Sew-on #8066 - Large 1 1/2" faceted victorian glass nailhead. Nailheads were small to large glass ornamentations that were applied to garments and hats by sewing . Holes for sewing on underside of stone.
  Jet Triangle Sew-on #8067 - Fabulous jet glass victorinan garment and hat ornament, 1 1/2 x 1 1/4", made to be sewn on to decorate clothing and hats of this period. Circa 1890's. Limited quanties of this beautiful stone.
  End of Day Glass Victorian Ornament #917 - 4 inch long vintage hat and clothing ornament.
  Multi Faceted Gunmetal Ornament 4.5 inches #8081 - 4.5 inch long Gunmetal glass clothing ornament. Faceted vintage, circa 1900
  Antique White Glass Buckle #8083 - Large 4 inch victorian buckle, white faceted glass rings connect to metal buckle overlayed with faceted Jet glass.
  Jet Glass Large Nailhead #8084 - 1 1/2 inch Faceted Jet Glass victorian glass sew on jewel.
  Blue Iris Beveled Disk 2 1/4 in. #8085 - 2 1/4 inch Blue Iris glass disk, faceted and beautiful coloring, exceptional victorian glass jewel
  Multi Faceted Victorian Ornament 4.5 inch #8082 - Brown Iris faceted 4.5 inch victorian ornament, used in clothing and hat ornamentation. circa 1900
  4mm Blue Iris Glass Nailheads #8080 - Small 4mm glass nailheads, $6.00 per hank. Blue iris color over Jet glass, faceted top and flat underside.
  Jet Buckle #923 - Circa 1890, Jet glass buckle, beautiful faceted jet stones soldered on metal frame.
  Jet Glass Flower 3.5 inches #918 - Large 3.5 inch faceted jet glass flower. Faceted jet glass petals.


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