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Lavender Foils #2913

 Lavender Foils

50 pieces per strand
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Lavender Foil #5005

 Lavender Foil

1 piece - 24x18mm
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Green Glass Cameo #4935

 Green Glass Cameo

1 piece
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Hobe Bird Pin #8172

 Hobe Bird Pin

Bird Brooch inset with pearls and rhinestone eyes, Signed Hobe
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Sea Shell & Coral #8157

 Sea Shell & Coral

2" "Sea Shell with a gold plated metal wrap and inlayed pieces of coral.
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Magenta Glazed Disk 25mm #5001

 Magenta Glazed  Disk

Beautiful glass cabochon with rich Magenta color and raised applied stippled pattern.
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Dark Sapphire Drop #4891

 Dark Sapphire Drop

Dark Sapphire vintage crystal drops, heavily faceted with lots of brilliance. 10x15mm
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Gray Ovals #2901

 Gray Ovals

100 pieces
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Tortoise Rondels 50 pieces #3023

 Tortoise Rondels

50 pieces per strand
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Matted Brown Picasso #3021

 Matted Brown Picasso

50 pieces of light brown to medium brown picasso glass beads, 1980's era.
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Dark Ruby Reds #2895

 Dark Ruby Reds

25 pieces per strand
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Sapphire Crystal Drop #4890

 Sapphire Crystal Drop

13x10mm Multi-faceted vintage crystal drop. Medium Sapphire.
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Blue Glaze Disk 25mm #5000

 Blue Glaze Disk

25mm glass cabochon jewel, soft blues blended with applied stippled pattern.
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Red Glass Bead Choker #8156

 Red Glass Bead Choker

Lovely Red Glass Bead Choker with large bead flower in center.
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Red Seed Bead Necklace #8155

 Red Seed Bead Necklace

Woven seed bead necklace - 14 inches
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Green Glazed Disk 25mm #4999

 Green Glaze Disk

25mm sea green glass jewel with stippled glass colors on face of stone.
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Purple Ovals #3013

 Purple Ovals

25 pieces per strand
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Black & Gold Rose #4801

 Black & Gold Rose

1 piece - 24x16mm
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Blue Glass Intaglio #4798

 Blue Glass Intaglio

40x30mm Large crystal pendant with a floral pattern intaglio pattern. These are georgeous vintage glass pendants and are in Limited supply.
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Ice Blues #2959

 Ice Blues

25 pieces per strand
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Red Ovals #2886

 Red Ovals

50 pieces per strand
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Bakelite Buckle #8154

 Bakelite Buckle

3 1/4" Orange Vintage Bakelite Buckle, Excellent condition with a floral pattern.
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Mixed Stones *8076

 Mixed Stones   #8076

Mixed gemstones, graduated into a 15 inch strand. Mix of Carnelians, grey agates, Moss agates, and Jaspers
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9mm Round Bone 110 pcs. #8075

 9mm Round Bone

110 Pieces of 9mm bone with a tea dyed coloring to give a vintage appearance.
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Gunmetal Dimples and Brilliants #8171

 Gunmetal Dimples and Brilliants

Rhinestones surround the "Dimpled Brilliants" pattern. Center of hatpin is a dimpled glass stone in the gunmetal color.
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Sterling Turtle #8153

 Sterling Turtle

2 inch Sterling Turtle inlayed with small pieces of abalone shell. Vibrant colors of pink, and blue.
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Yellow Satins #2875

 Yellow Satins

40 pieces per strand
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Bone Pendant G #4766

 Bone Pendant G

1 piece - 1 1/2 in
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Magenta Glazed Disk 35mm #4997

 Magenta Glazed  Disk

1 piece - 35mm
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Red Glazed Disk 35mm #4996

 Red Glazed Disk

35mm Multi red vintage glass flatback stone, coloring is a beautiful bright brick red .
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Bone Pendant F #4764

 Bone Pendant F

1 piece - 1 3/4 inch
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4mm Summer Pink #2869

 8mm Summer Pink

100 pieces per strand - 4mm
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Blue Flat Bicone #2805

 Blue Flat Bicone

25 pieces per strand
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Golden Lace & Bead 2 x 2.5 " #8123

 Golden Lace & Bead

Large 2 inch by 2.5 inch gold platred dapped jewelry finding , excellent quality.
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35mm Carved Bone Disk #8074

 Pierced Bone Donut

35mm Carved bone circle, pierced pattern and dyed with a antiqued finish.
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Pierced Bone Tubes 25 pcs. #8073

 Pierced Bone Tubes

24mm Bone beads with a pierced and incised pattern on exterior. NIce quality, 25 pieces per strand.
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1950's Rhinestone and Acrylic Set #8035

 1950's Rhinestone and Acrylic Set

Bracelet and Earrings, pink and rhinestones adorn this 1950's classic jewelry set.
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Vintage Garden #8122

 Vintage Garden

62x30 mm Vintage metal jewelry making stampin, antiqued gold plating over brass. Floral and leaf pattern.
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Brown Iris #2782

 Brown Iris

33 pieces per strand - 8x6mm
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Vintage Pink Rondel #2863

 Vintage Pink Rondel

50 pieces per strand
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Bone Pendant E #4762

 Bone Pendant E

1 piece - 2 1/2 inch
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Victorian Intaglio #4993

 Victorian Intaglio

1 piece - 30x29mm
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Seafoam Teardrop #4992

 Seafoam Teardrop

1 piece - 18x13mm
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Exotic Chain and Pendant Necklace #8034

 Exotic chain and Pendant necklace  #8034

1950's silver plated metal double chain necklace, beautiful detail and and a unique vintage costume jewelry item.
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Victorian Lady Fob Pendant #4445

 Victorian Lady Fob Pendant

Antique victorian green jadite glass pendant watchfob.
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Crystal Matted #2851

 Crystal Matted

25 pieces per strand- 8mm Frosted Glass
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Victorian Lace #8121

 Victorian Lace

Antiqued Gold oval jewelry finding in a fabulous filigree pattern, 32x43mm in size.
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Carnelian Tubes #8072

 Carnelian Tubes

24 to 33mm Carnelian stone tubes, faceted and beveled, beautiful rich tones of root beer,orange and creamy peach. 20 pieces per strand. $8.00 per strand.
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3x3mm Bone Disks #8071

 3x3mm Bone Disks

Small Bone disks, 3x3mm with a antique finish which gives a dark tan coloring. Approximately 240 pieces.
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Classic 1920's Gold 2pcs. 8120

 Classic 1920's Gold

17x27mm Gold plated jewelry finding in the 1920's vintage style. Delicate detail with loops on bottom and one on interior of stamping. 2 pieces per pack.
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