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Little Green Lanterns 25 pcs. #8223

 Little Green Lanterns

8mm Green and white glass beads with bead cap and metal loop on top. 25 pieces per pack.
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Little Yellow Lanterns 25 pcs. #8222

 Little Yellow Lanterns

8mm Yellow and White glass lantern beads with beadcap and metal loop on top. 25 pieces per pack
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Chunky Yellow Silks #8221

 Chunky Yellow Silks

9x6mm vintage German silk glass beads. Light yellow 5 sided disks which have a silky appearance.
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Pink Givre Bicones 16x18mm #8138

 Pink Givre Bicones

16x18mm Crystal clear pink glass with a pale rose lining. This is a large flat bicone shaped bead. 25 pieces.
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Sea Blue & White 13x14mm #8136

 Sea Blue & White

25 pieces of beautiful sea blue and white glass opaque glass beads.
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Amber Jewels #8135

 Amber Jewels

9mm Clear light amber vintage Twin Pagodas Brand Japanese manufactured glass beads.
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12mm Buttercups 25 pcs. #8134

 12mm Buttercups

Bright spring yellow vintage bead in a large size. 12mm.
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Opaque Powder Blues #8133

 Opaque Powder Blues

10mm vintage Japan glass bead. A soft powder blue coloring. 1960's era.
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Wild Picassos 25 pcs. #8132

 Wild Picassos

10mm flat round glass picasso bead. Bright colors of purple, reds, orange and white.
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Coffee & Cream 25 pcs. #8131

 Coffee & Cream

8x7mm glass beads in a warm tan with a dark carmel striping around exterior of glass.
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Peridot Lined Goldstone 25 pcs. #8130

 Peridot Lined Goldstone

Fabulous vintage venitian glass beads, 10mm crystal with peridot lined with flecks of goldstone.
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Western Blues 25 pcs. #8129

 Western Blues

9x8mm Turquoise blue bead with a dusting of charcoal on bead of exterior.
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Grape Rectangles 25 pcs. #8128

 Grape Rectagles

18x6mm Long amythest and violet blend vintage glass bead.
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Orangeaid Stripe 25 pc. #8127

 Orangeaid Stripe

15x9mm Flat rectangle shaped glass bead, vintage german glass. Bright tones of orange striping over white.
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Amethyst Fire Polish Ovals #8126

 Amethyst Fire Polish Ovals

Pretty 9x6mm Oval shaped faceted fire polish glass beads.
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Amethyst Slag Twist 50 pcs. #8125

 Amethyst Slag Twist

9x6mm Vintage Amthest Slag glass, made in west germany circa 1960. 50 pieces per strand.
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3mm Tortise 450 pieces #8124

 3mm Tortise  450 pcs.

Tortise colored glass, amber and brown, 3mm in size. 450 pieces per strand.
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Double Tone Blue Fire Polish 30 pcs. #8111

 Double Tone Blue Fire Polish

Vintage West German Fire polish beads, dark aquas and sapphires blended into glass. 8mm, 38 pieces per strand.
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Jadite Budda #8107

 Jadite Budda

15x21mm Jadite green glass Budda shaped bead.
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Blue Delft Bicones 50 pcs. #8106

 Blue Delft Bicones

8x6mm Light delft blue West German glass bead with a darker blue color wrapping around center of bead. 50 pieces per strand.
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Peridot & Cream 50 pcs. #8105

 Peridot & Cream

50 pieces of 9x6mm vintage West German glass beads. Peridot transparent glass with cream lining.
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Aqua Aurora Twist #8104

 Aqua Aurora Twist

Aurora Borealis finish over transparant aqua glass. A short rectangle shape with a slight twist, 11x6mm. 25 pieces per strand.
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Red Cherry Brand #8103

 Red Cherry Brand

Red Cherry Brand silver foiled glass bead. 24x12mm Silver foiling on interior of bead, Manufactured in Japan.
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Blue Cherry Brand #8102

 Blue Cherry Brand

Blue Cherry Brand silver foiled glass bead. 24x12mm. Silver foiling on interior of bead. Made in Japan.
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Amber Cherry Brand #8101

 Amber Cherry Brand

Amber Cherry Brand silver foil lined glass bead. 24x12mm. Vintage Japan bead.
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Green Cherry Brand #8100

 Green Cherry Brand

Japan's Cherry Brand Foil glass bead. 24x12mm. Emerald glass with silver foiling on bead interior.
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Spring Greens 80 pieces #8052

 Spring Greens 80 pieces

10 x 5mm Vintage glass tubes, light shades of green with darker green coloring swirled around bead. Very pretty bead. 80 pieces.
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Jet Bent Cubes #8051

 Jet Bent Cubes

11mm six sided black glass beads. Art Deco styling, excellent quality bead. 25 pieces. $5.00 per strand.
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English Cut 4mm Iris #8050

 English Cut 4mm Iris

Antique English cut faceted glass beads, 4mm, vibrant Iris coloring. Circa 1920's. These beads are old and of a rough cut showing some mold marks, similar to the modern fire polish 4mm.
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Lavender Smoke #8048

 Lavender Smoke

Transparant gray vintage West Germany glass bead with amethyst color in each bead. 14 x 13mm in size, 25 pieces per strand.
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Saffron Crystals #8047

 Saffron Crystals

33 pieces of 6mm light Topaz to pale yellow fire polish crystals. Vintage West Germany glass beads. $4.00 per strand.
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4mm Purple Slag Drux #8046

 4mm Purple Slag Drux

100 Piece strand of lovely purple slag coloring in this vintage glass bead. 4mm 6.00 per strand
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Sculptured Peridots #8045

 Sculptured Peridots

10mm textured pattern of West German vintage glass beads. Light transparant peridot with light and dark peridot lining. Exceptional quality and limited quantity. 50 pieces per strand. 11.00 per strand.
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Red & Crystal 50 pcs. #8225

 Red & Crystal

6mm round glass beads, crystal with a bright red infusion of color in the interior of bead.
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Dark Amethyst Faceted Drops #8139

 Dark Amethyst Faceted Drops

12x7mm dark Amethyst drops with faceting and a Aurora Borealis Finish on exterior. 25 pieces per strand.
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Shades of Topaz #8044

 Shades of Topaz

Smoke Topaz, light Topaz and pale Topaz 6mm firepolish vintage glass beads. 1960's West Germany vintage glass. 50 pieces per strand.
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Red Trail Bead #8043

 Red Trail Bead

60 piece strand of Old Japan glass beads, tomato red with black swirls trailing around exterior of bead.
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6mm Peridot Opals #8137

 6mm Peridot Opals

Opalized sea greens, 50 pieces per strand and 6mm in size.
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Ruby Topaz 8mm #8042

 Ruby Topaz 8mm

8mm Fire Polish bead made in the Czech Republic. Brilliant Amberina tones of reds and topaz. 25 pieces per strand. $4.50
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Green Givre Crystals #8041

 Green Givre Crystals

9mm Faceted crystal glass with a bright green lining in the interior. Made in West Germany, 25 pieces - $6.50 per strand.
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Icy Whites #8040

 Icy Whites

12x8mm Glass ovals,crystal clear with a white opaque lining.
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Faceted Crystal Rondels #8020

 Faceted Crystal Rondels

10mm Vintage Faceted crystal Rondels - 20 pieces per strand
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Brown & White Rice Bead #8018

 Brown & White Rice Bead

6x3.5mm Rice shaped brown and white slag glass bead. 120 pieces per strand
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Purple Slag Bicones #8019

 Purple Slag Bicone

Beautiful lavenders and purples blended into a wide bicone. 8 x 6mm in size. 50 pieces per strand.
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Goldenrod #8017


Vintage Japan glass bead 9mm, clear glass with mustard yellow lining. 35 pieces per strand.
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Green Lined Lusters 50 pcs. #8016

 Green Lined Lusters

10mm vintage green colorlined glass beads with a luster finish.
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Caramel & Cream #7099


Rich amber tones with swirls of cream glass thruout, matt finish. 12x10mm.
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Southwest Turquoise #7089

 Southwest Turquoise

12x8mm Flat Oval Turquoise opaque glass beads. 25 pieces per strand. Circa 1960's
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Grey Ripple 25 pc. #7087

 Grey Ripple

18x9mm Transparant Black Diamond Glass with a light grey inclusion on interior of each bead. Good quality vintage bead.
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Vintage Jet Rondels 100 pc. #7059

 Vintage Jet Rondels

6mm Black glass rondels 100 pieces per strand.
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