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7mm Summer Pink #2870

 7mm Summer Pink

Soft light pink with swirls of darker pink coloring in opaque vintage glass. 7mm 45 pieces per strand.
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Green 8mm Rondels #6050

 Greeen 8mm Rondels

Light green, white and dark green rondels 8mm 50 pcs.
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Turquoise Glass Chain #7054

 Turquoise Glass & Chain

26 inches of 6x4mm turquoise blue glass beads on a chain. Glass beads have a lovely satin finish.
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Sapphire & White #7048

 Sapphire & White

8x6mm Transparant sapphire blue with opaque white. 25 pieces
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Red & White Melon Rondels #7047

 Red & White Melon Rondel

Opaque red and white vintage rondels in a corragated melon pattern. 11mm. 25 pieces per strand
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Midnight Blues #7026

 Midnight Blues

16x10 dark navy blue ovals with a grooved pattern running length wise. 25 pieces per strand. Navy is a difficult color to find in beads. Limited quantity.
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Blue Spirals #7025

 Blue Spirals

Small 9x5mm Light Sapphire Blue transparant glass beads. Spiral Patterned ovals. 25 pieces per strand.
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Black & Turquoise Retro #7036

 Black & Turquoise Retro

8mm Turquoise Opaque beads and 10mm Black beads. 1950's West German glass. Nice quality vintage beads. 48 pieces per strand.
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Pink & Black Retro #7024

 Pink & Black Retro

8mm Opaque Pinks and 10 mm Black Glass Beads. 1950's made in West Germany. Nice quality vintage glass. 48 pieces per strand.
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Black & Sienna #7016


11x7mm Black glass beads with variations of autum colors. Bright orange-reds, rust and topaz. 25 pieces.
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Blue Picasso Heart #7019

 Blue Picasso Heart

Beautiful Denim Blue Picasso glass Heart, 22mm. Bead Hole runs side to side on top of heart. $2.50 each
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Bright Blues #7013

 Bright Blues

16x8mm Opaque vintage glass beads -25 pieces
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Old White Hearts #7011


4 to 5 mm vintage glass trade beads. 29 inch strand
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Rose Mosaic #6086

 Rose Mosaic

14x7mm Rose and Tan Picasso glass bead
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8mm Cinnamon Lusters #6084

 8mm Cinnamon Lusters

8mm reddish smooth round glass with a luster finish.
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Bronze Feather #6085


9mm Tan colored glass with bronze feathering on bead exterior. 25 pieces per strand
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Red Glass Ring #6078

 Red Glass Ring

Bright red glass ring 21x14mm
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Yellow Glass Ring #6077


34mm transparent yellow glass. This is a vintage 1950's era glass ring. Colorful glass beads can be dangled from glass ring to make colorful earrings or pendants. 1.00 each
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Black & White Glass Ring #6076

 Black & White Glass Ring

Small 22x13mm thin oval glass ring, works well into earrings or bracelet and necklace glass links. $1.00 each
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Sculptured Bicones #6074


10x8mm Black Glass beads in a bicone shape with a dimple and twist pattern of black glass on exterior. 25 pieces per strand
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Midnight Jet #7008

 Midnight Jet

16x11mm Flat Oval Glass 25 pieces per strand.
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Cream Satin Blocks #7007

 Cream Satin Blocks

8x8mm light cream toned glass beads. 25 pieces
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Tan & Cream Bicone #7006

 Cream & Tan Bicone

Blended tones of brown, tan and cream, 7x5mm, 50 pieces
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Blue Spongeware #7001

 Blue Spongeware

Light Blue over white 25 pieces
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Orange Twist #6071

 Orange Twist

14x8mm Vintage Japan glass bead 24 pieces
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Blue with Red Stripe #6070

 Blue with Red Stripe

9x4mm Oval Matt Blue with red striping 38 pieces
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Brown & White Slag Glass #6055

 Brown & White Slag Glass

Mixture of brown and white opaque glass 50 pieces
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Grey Satin Blocks #2270

 Gray Satin Blocks

8x8mm Light gray glass block- 25 pieces
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Little Hyacinth Lanterns #2289

 Little Hyacinth Lanterns

8mm Lantern shaped beads with gold bead cap - 25 pieces
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6mm White Lusters #6048

 65mm White Lusters

6mm Translucent white glass bead - 50 pieces per strand
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Black Taffeta #5067

 Black Taffeta

11x9mm jet black embossed pattern bead - 25 pieces
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Orange Rockets #200294

 Orange Rockets

25 pieces per strand - 16x6mm
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Aqua Mix #200286

 Aqua Mix

50 pieces per strand - 7mm
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Renaissance Bronze #200285

 Renaissance Bronze

25 pieces per strand - 9mm
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Large Red Bicones 25 pcs. #200270

 Large Red Bicones

25 pieces per strand of beautiful transparant siam red glass beads. 12x15mm
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Orange Cones #200266

 Orange Cones

25 pieces per strand - 8x10mm
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Brown & Tan Picasso #200265

 Brown & Tan Picasso

25 pieces per strand - 12x9mm
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Aqua Baroque #200263

 Aqua Baroque

25 pieces per strand - 8mm
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Turquoise Blue Twist #200261

 Turquoise Blue Twist

25 pieces per strand - 11x9mm
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Crystal Cone #200260

 Crystal Cone

25 pieces per strand - 9mm
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Tortise Combo #200245

 Tortise Combo

32 pieces per strand - 11mm
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Frosted Topaz Twists #200244

 Frosted Topaz Twists

25 pieces per strand - 16x11
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Black Spiral Tubes #200242

 Black Spiral Tubes

25 pieces per strand - 15x8
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Cream Double Heart #200240

 Cream Double Heart

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Black Double Rose Heart #200239

 Black Double Rose Heart

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Black Double Blue Heart #200238

 Black Double Blue Heart

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Jewel Green #200235

 Jewel Green

25 pieces per strand - 13x9
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Peaches 'n Cream #200234

 Peaches 'n Cream

25 pieces per strand - 9mm
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Fluted Jets #200191

 Fluted Jets

50 pieces per strand - 9mm
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Oranges #200233


25 pieces per strand - 8mm
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