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New Glass Beads

Glass beads are among the most popular crafting items and have a wide variety of uses. At, we offer glass beads in every color of the rainbow. We have squares, rounds, tubes, drops, disks, and flat glass beads in every color and size. From abstract designs on oval glass beads to crystal leaf-shaped beads, our selection and prices are unequaled anywhere. With options for every craft or jewelry style, you can find the beads you need for any project.

We carry handmade Czech glass beads from the traditional vendors of the Czech Republic. Known for the quality of their craftsmanship and their beauty, Czech glass beads are famous throughout the world. You can get flat glass beads and oval glass beads for less when you order from us today. To get a more detailed description of each bead, click on the picture or contact us for more information. Order your glass beads today from

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Emerald Crystals #2188
: $5.00
Emerald Crystals   #2188
Beautiful emerald machine cut crystals, excellent brilliance. 6mm - 25 pc
Jonquil Crystals #2149
: $7.00
Jonquil Crystals   #2149
Brilliant yellow machine cut crystals. Exceptionally beautiful color. 8mm - 25 piece strand.
Venetian Style Rounds #2097
: $8.00
Venetian Style Rounds   #2097
Handmade glass. Blue with a touch of gold in each bead and pink floral design. Very pretty.
Venetian Style Roses #2096
: $10.00
Venetian Style Roses   #2096
Beautiful oval handmade glass beads. Light blue threading with bronze and pink floral design. 23x8mm - 10 piece strand.
Bronze Firepolish Glass Bead #1607
: $3.50
Bronze Firepolish Glass Bead   #1607
Bronze fire polish faceted glass bead. 6mm - 25 pieces.
Black Speckles #1599
: $3.75
Black Speckles   #1599
Black glass with green and tan speckling.
Turquoise Stripe Glass Beads #1450
: $6.00
Turquoise Stripe Glass Beads   #1450
White glass oval beads with turquoise patterned over bead. 14x10mm - 25 pieces per strand.
Bronze Fleck Glass Beads #1416
: $7.00
Bronze Fleck  Glass Beads     #1416
Handmade bronze glass beads. 7 to 7.5 mm. 38 pieces.
Jet Cube Beads #1346
: $3.75
Jet Cube Beads    #1346
Little Jet square glass cubes. 5.5x4mm, 50 pieces per strand.
Blue Dots #1303
: $4.50
Blue Dots   #1303
Root beer brown with blue spots. 6mm - 50 piece strand.
Red Horn Rondel Beads #1257
: $7.00
Red Horn Rondel Beads  #1257
11mm Red horn bead rondels. Shades of amber, reds and brown. 100 pieces per strand.
Black Horn Rondel Beads #1255
: $7.00
Black Horn Rondel Beads   #1255
11mm Black horn bead rondels. Dark ebony to light grey tones. 100 piece strand.
Red, White & Blue Beads #959
: $8.00
Red, White & Blue Beads   #959
Red, white and blue stripes cover this pretty oval glass bead. 10x8mm - 25 Piece strand.
Red Bicone Glass Beads #958
: $4.00
Red Bicone Glass Beads   #958
Bright red transparant glass beads 25 pieces per strand.
Glass Hematite Beads #956
: $5.50
Glass Hematite Beads   #956
Hematite color glass. twist pattern. 25 pieces per strand.
Crystal with Black New Glass Beads #955
: $6.00
Crystal with Black New Glass Beads   #955
Clear glass squares with jet stripe around center of glass. 10mm - 25 piece strand.
Blue Chevron Beads #954
: $11.00
Blue Chevron Beads   #954
Blue Chevrons, replicas of old trade beads. Each bead is hand made.
Black with Gray New Glass Beads #953
: $5.00
Black with Gray  New Glass  Beads   #953
9mm Black glass with gray stripes. 40 pieces per strand.
Luster Brown Beads #949
: $6.50
Luster Brown Beads   #949
12 mm Tan and Brown luster beads. 20 pieces per strand.
Topaz & Hematite Bead #948
: $5.50
Topaz & Hematite Bead   #948
Topaz & hematite glass beads. Good color combination. 42 inch strand.
Turquoise with Gold Feather #947
: $5.00
Turquoise with Gold Feather   #947
8mm Turquoise bead with gold feather pattern wrapping around bead. 25 pieces.
Iris Glass Beads #945
: $3.50
Iris Glass Beads  #945
Purple iris glass beads, feather pattern embossed in glass. 4x6mm - 50 pieces per strand.
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